Under the direction of Aiyana Elliott, Sundance-award-winning daughter of Ramblin' Jack Elliott, we have interviewed over thirty past Ash Grove performers former Ash Grove staff, and notable patrons. 

   We filmed and recorded the Ash Grove's 2008 50th Anniversary UCLA Royce Hall sell-out concerts and workshops and the organizing of the event.

   We have gathered archival footage, photos, fliers and original taped Ash Grove concerts music of the performers.

   We are now working to complete a first rough edit of the film by early 2015, while locating and arranging licensing for necessary archival film, photographs and music.

   Remaining to be filmed are interviews of former Ash Grove performers and staff and documenting who was responsible for setting the fires, for what reasons and what transpired later.

   To complete the film, financing will be required for editing, licensing, legal and technical processing. The licensing costs alone for film, photographs and recorded music is estimated to be about $150,000. A minimum of $200,000 to $300,000 could get us close to finishing. We will take every possible course that cuts costs as long as we can tell the Ash Grove's story in a manner befitting its history and legacy. 

   Due to the birth of twins, Aiyana Elliott has taken a reduced role as an associate producer and two young filmmakers and musicians, Samuel Curtis and Spencer Showalter are now directing the project.